Sunday, December 22, 2013

22 months

Wow, what a difference a month makes.  All of a sudden Sadie can say the word for just about everything in her world.  And she is stringing together words and making sentences.  Some of her favorite things to say:

She exclaims "I wanna see Dada!"  or "I wanna see Mimi!" and then she will grab my hand and drag me to wherever Dada or Mimi is in the house.

Santa Claus she calls "Ho Ho" and Mrs. Claus she calls "Nana" (I guess she looks like my mom?)

All stars are called "Ba ba high" because when she sings the song Twinkle Twinkle she says "Ba ba ba ba ba ba high!" instead of the actual words.

Bed time has become a long excruciating ordeal where we have to say "Night night" to everything in the house (to Mimi, to Dada, to the kitchen, to the records, to the Christmas tree, etc.)  She is still nursing to sleep but she now also must be holding her sippy cup of water and her baby doll.  If one of these things falls from her grasp as she's falling asleep she jerks back awake.

She loves going to the library to play. She loves going to visit Nana and Papa. She loves going to the art museum.  She loves going to the book store.  She HATES being stuck in the house all day and will moan and whine until we take her out.

She loves to help me cook.  I will give her something to stir or a small job like throwing the vegetable peels away.  If I'm doing something at the kitchen counter she just has to be involved.  "Help, mama, help!" she will say as she tries to push the stool over to the counter.  She loves helping her mama.

I can't wait until Christmas as this will be the first one that she will really enjoy.  Until then...

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