Friday, September 20, 2013

Make your own cloth diaper wipes and homemade wipe solution

When you are using cloth diapers it is actually easier to use cloth wipes as well.  That way everything dirty gets thrown into the same place.   You can buy cloth diaper wipes and solution but I've never tried either.  They are both easy and super cheap to make.

DIY Cloth Diaper Wipes

First thing I did was go to the thrift store and buy a bunch of super soft flannel baby blankets.  I brought them home and gave them a good wash on sterilize mode.

Cut up your baby blankets into squares.  Cut the squares to whatever size wipes you think would work well for you.  I did mostly 8x8 inch squares and also some that were 4x8 inches.

Place two of the squares together, pattern side facing out.  Do a tight zig-zag stitch around the entire border (I don't sew so I may not be using the right terms here!)

Ta-da!  A diaper wipe.  Simple right?   The first couple times you wash them you will get a little bit of a fringe.  Just trim that off and you are good to go.

I did 20 of the 8 x8 size and 10 of the 4 x 8.  I like having both sizes.  The large ones are great when you need a lot of coverage and the small ones are good for details and pee-only changes.

To wet the wipes I keep a small bowl and an old french press by my changing table and then just wet one or two in the bowl as needed.  The french press is insulated so if I fill it with hot water it will stay warm for a long time (no need for an electric wipe warmer over here.)

When Sadie was exclusively breastfed I wiped with just plain warm water and that worked great.  Around 6 months, when she started eating solids, I began making this wipe solution.

Homemade Wipe Solution
1/2 tablespoon safflower oil
1/2 tablespoon castile soap*
5 drops lavender essential oil
topped off with 16 oz hot tap water

*be sure to use unscented/baby castile soap

I put everything into the french press and push the plunger down so that it all gets mixed up.  The oil will tend to sink to the bottom so if it's been sitting around for a while I give it a shake or plunge the plunger to get it mixed again.  Don't want to use a french press?  You can also put it in a large plastic squeeze bottle or any other type of container that will work well for you.

What about cloth diaper changes on the go?  Originally I tried using cloth wipes but I prefer to just use disposables when I'm out and about.  I throw them into the wet bag with the dirty diaper and put it into the wash.  The disposable wipes will go through the wash and dryer fine.  Once they are dry I just throw them away or use them for something else.  They come out just as clean as your diapers, so why not?  One good use I've found is putting a stack of them into a ziploc bag with a little witchhazel water.  It makes great wipes for dirty hands when you are out and about.

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