Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heat Wave! - Cooling Peppermint Spray

Temperatures have been inching towards triple digits and it's been even more of a circus than usual over here with a hot and cranky 17 month old, hot and cranky husband, and hot and cranky self (and NO AC!!!)  This super simple recipe for cooling peppermint spray has been our saving grace.   I store it in the refrigerator and spritz myself with it several times a day.  I swear it instantly makes me feel a few degrees cooler!

Cooling Peppermint Spray
2 oz water (distilled if you have it)
20 d. peppermint essential oil
Combine into a spray bottle and store in refrigerator. Shake well before using and avoid spraying into eyes or mouth.

Warning:  Peppermint can be an irritant if sprayed into the eyes, nose, or mouth.  For small children I recommend spraying on to the soles of their feet to avoid this area all together.  Also recommend using half the amount of peppermint oil if you plan on using it on children.   If it does irritate any area, dab the area with a carrier oil to dilute it (safflower, sweet almond, olive oil -- whatever you have on hand) -  Do not use water.

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